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Gracie Girl Design Interview

by Rachel Krech of Associated Content

First off, tell me a little bit about yourself.

My name is Brook, and I am the creator behind Gracie Girl Design. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, around many artists in my family and their friends, and have always identified with people who see their world for its potential. I have been drawing, crafting, and creating since I can remember – I have done everything from graphic design and assisting in animation to crocheting amigurumi dolls for all my friends.

I have worked with animals in the veterinary industry as my day job for many years, and am now a pet sitter part-time, spending my days walking dogs and visiting kitties. The rest of the time, I am home with my own furry family members (three dogs and two cats), making pretty, shiny things. I have a sweet and supportive husband as well!

How and when did you start making jewelry and your other items?

I have been making jewelry on and off for almost two decades, since I was 14, when my mother gave me a small collection of seed beads and findings for my birthday. It’s been a part of my creative life ever since.

When and how did you originally find Etsy?

I discovered Etsy by chance a couple of years ago. I had been on eBay for quite a while, and after having found some success there, I was looking into what other artists and crafters were doing and ran across Etsy. I was enthralled and couldn’t stop looking through it to see what so many others were doing there, and decided immediately that was where I eventually wanted to go.

What is unique about Etsy and what about the website do you like the most in regards to your shop?

It’s a wonderful place for every creative outlet, from stay-at-home moms scrap-booking their way to some extra cash and purpose, to fine artists who are displayed in galleries and make their living. Having now opened a shop there, I really appreciate the finished professional feel to Etsy, which is so often lacking in artistic venues.

What inspires you the most in regards to your creations?

Color! I’m an addict. I love all kinds of metal and the shine, silver and textures, but I always come back to whimsical color indulgence. I also plan on writing a blog post about my obsession with pressed glass at some point.

What is your favorite piece you’ve created and why?

Favorite. I know I have a favorite ‘piece’ every other day, but I suppose I could say that I am just really liking the bracelets I’m making now. Flat beads that lay nicely while at the same time adorned with a whole bunch of smaller beads dangling from them! A lot to look at in one piece, I think it should always be interesting.

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